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B&H Business Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm focusing on helping professionals start nonprofits and small businesses throughout the United States. We are a one stop shop. We offer services to our clients that range from establishing the entities legal structure, web design, branding, marketing, and payroll services. Over the past 6 years we have successfully helped non-profit organizations obtain 501(c)3 status and funding through fundraising, grants, and corporate sponsorship. Furthermore, we have helped establish approximately 100 small businesses, written numerous business plans that were granted funding, edited a few books, and created policy and procedures for daycare centers and home health agencies. 

B&H Business Solutions has a 100 percent success rate with nonprofit filings, and our clients range from every day working class people, to the Former Executive Director of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and world-renowned best-selling authors. ​It is the mission of B&H Business Solutions to help non-profit organization over the United States obtain and maintain 501(c)3 status while offering those communities with programs and services that they need. Moreover, we aim to continue assisting small businesses in properly structuring their business to obtain financial success and avoid any illegal occurrences.


How to Start a Home Daycare

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